Scroll I Visionquest

I remember.. I walked bare foot on the damp forest soil on that clear summer night. With my fingertips touching the bark just barely, as I pass by each and every tree. 

My eyes pierce the darkness of the noon, all alone just me and the stars. I’m searching the woods, but not knowing what to look for. Suddenly.. a clearing, a big open field in the midst of the void.

I setup a fire and for a brief moment as I stare in the flames, two eyes look back at me. She walks up to me and I could not believe, I knew her, oh how I knew her for thousands of era’s it seems. When we danced in the darkness for reasons unknown, she copies my every pose. 

Oh my twin soul, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. An instant feeling of deep love, deeper then my soul. Your name carved in my heart. Like a mother to a child, a more blist bond cannot be. How blessed am I if I’ll see you again..


It’s the fear

‚ÄčFear is that incessant black creature looking back at us from the future, leaving us cringing in a corner of our mind, clutching helplessly onto the flickering remains of that candle of hope we had thought to be our salvation. 

Don’t let either enter your Now. Hope invites fear with its frail light. Fear invites failure and dark places with its all-consuming appetite.