Write on

I do not even know where to begin, I have forseen it all.. it has already begun. So what to do? I write and I write on, simple because it’s all I can do. On paper, on the streets, so much to share to the point where it becomes overwelming. I write on in any language, in any alphabeth, from books, to digital, to even carving in trees. How long will my words last? Letters I write and symbols and signs I draw, to be dug deep in the ground, and hopefuly a next generation will understand, of what it is I speak.
Maybe a future archeologist finds these scrolls, a man or woman obsessed with this lust for knowledge just like me. With a sense of belonging for the great outdoors and has a passion for history, mythology and most of all a combination with these two. My mind contains a lot of secrets that remain pointless until they are shared. My heart contains a lot of love for everything that breathes yet there’s nothing that frightens me more then people. I rarely go outside, it’s just me, my books and my phone, my pens and my paper.

I live like.. a monk! I spend a lot of time indoors reading, writing, drawing and contemplating the universe and all it’s phenomenons. I question everything, always analizing. If I was born in the dark ages I would be Burned! I do never enjoy life, I Choose not to have friends. I don’t do ‘going out’, the last time I went to a cinema was 2 years ago and the last time I had an intimate relationship is 4 years ago. In fact in that type of guy that will have no one who visits his tombstone. And i’m not even joking. Want a stereotypical loner? Look no further. 

I dont socialize well in groups, since I quit my videogame addictiction I don’t play games, not even boardgames. And I have to force myself to watch tv every evening, going outside for shopping gives my anxiety and I suffer from major depression. Still it’s not all doom and gloom here.. I will overcome this dark page in my life and become a much stronger version of myself. Not only must I become stronger for myself, I have 3 little, bouncing, adorable, annoying and above all the sweetest of daughters waiting for me. 

Wow! This small article realy turned into a rant! 

Anyhow, I have set my goals. And I’ll try to take anyone whe likes to read on an amazing journey. I heard a story, a legend realy, about a man. Who dedicated himself long ago, to write a massive book, that took him a lifetime to write. I will step into his footssteps and write you a book dedicated to the soul. And when i’m old and my skin lost it’s stretch, I’ll bury it deep in the soil.

Yes, that’s my art, apperently I dont like the color; white. It gives me that “I wan’t to see mountains again Gandalf, mountains! moment. Hmmm a sigarette and coffee and i’m off for now, avĂ©!